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Cookiie Wrapchic Wovens

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Cookiie Wrapchic wovens are a range of beautiful, luxury in a budget, handwoven or machine made woven wraps for wearing little ones. We explore and travel to small weaving villages across our country to bring to you a myriad of weaves. Our woven wraps are created by artisanal weaving clusters or communities practicing for decades now primarily across rajasthan, Gujrat and south India. Some work through Indian government backed initiatives committed to encourage rural employment and sustainable growth in the handloom industry and some connect with us individually. Our Handwoven wraps are woven skillfully by these communities using traditional, environment friendly but labour intensive methods while our machine woven wraps are sourced from small factories shared by weaving clusters who work on a single power loom to maintain consistent, attainable growth and productivity.

Cookiie Wrapchic Wovens brings to you luxurious texures in weaves that make wrapping feel like second skin for even those new to wrapping or babywearing. We ensure that our wovens have a high softness standard to allow minimal breaking in needed post wearing baby. Some of the weaves on offer are twills broken twills, Herringbone, diamond and jacquard including plain weaves in cotton blends.  These come together to add a great degree of flexibility, breatheability and supportive wearing properties with the smallest of babies right uptil a toddler.suited for carrying baby right from birth uptil their toddler years. Most of our wraps are medium weight with densities between 200 – 280 GSM depending on the yarn and blends. There are a few lightweight wraps on offer too that satisfies the wrapper on the go.

By purchasing a Cookiie Wrapchic Woven, you are contributing to rural employment  and helping local communities thrive in the process keeping alive the bespoke, traditional art of handloom and weaving in a viable environment. All products are thoughtfully designed and crafted keeping in mind the precious cargo it will carry for all of its life or more.

You may see some kind of weaving irregularities in your handwoven products. This is because handwovens go through a manual, labourious process and sometimes it takes days to create that perfect fabric just right for wearing your bub. Handwoven wraps are a labour of love, just like your precious baby. In the process of weaving by hand, it is not unusual to see some slubs, nubs and weavers knots or thread uneveness on them. This is carefully done by the weaver to ensure what you get as the end product is of premium quality with that personal human touch. These normal fabric features add character and result in truly unique hand made fabrics and do not affect the safety of our products at all.

Our Wovens just like all our other products are produced in limited quantities focusing on the greater quality instead of being mass produced  allowing us to create opportunity and sustainable livelihoods in the rural sector as well as  offering you,  the consumer an opportunity to own an exclusive product.

Cookiie wovens are created by our weavers for you to use every where that you possibly can. Wearing your baby is just one of the many uses of a versatile Woven wrap. And the more you wear the softer it becomes. Win Win!

What you choose to wrap is depends entirely on your whim. And well, partially on the carry you would like to attempt along with your body frame. The versatility of a woven wrap as a carrier lies in the fact that there are so many carries you can do with one single wrap. Following is an approximate recommendation for most body types. Most new wrappers having an average body frame start with a standard sized wraps which is a size 6 allowing for most carries.

Size 1 – 2.2 meters

Size 2 – 2.7 meters

Size 3 – 3.2 meters

Size 4 – 3.7 meters

Size 5 – 4.2 meters

Size 6 – 4.7 meters

Most first time wrappers start with a wrap longer than size 4 that can be used for multi-layer carries. Though it comes with a learning curve, wrapping is a very gratifying experience which improves the wrapping skills with experience.

Now all you need is an exclusive space in your house to collect all the Cookiie wovens, as many babies as you can wear and a handy camera !

Wash and care

Cookiie Cottons or Linen Blends.

We recommend washing your Cookiie Wrapchic Wovens before use. Regular hand wash or delicate wash and spin with like colored clothes. Cold wash – Tumble dry low.  Use gentle detergent if possible. You can even hang dry your Cotton woven.

Cookiie hand dyed Wovens should be hand / machine washed separate  with a quick dip in salt water for the initial  washes. Any excess dye that may still remain in the fibers during the Dyeing process will wash away with subsequent washes. Excess dye being washed away will not cause your Woven to fade at all.

Cotton / Wool Blend

Recommended Hand wash with gentle detergent. Cookiie Wovens should be washed separate with a quick dip in salt water for the initial  washes. Excess dye being washed away will not cause your Woven to fade at all.

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